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Why are there two different sRLY token addresses?

RLY Network Association was notified of a critical vulnerability in its Solana Canonical Swap Program. The non-upgradable nature of the Canonical Swap program and this instances irrevocable ownership of mint authority over sRLY meant the current versions of this program and the sRLY token (RLYv2ubRMDLcGG2UyvPmnPmkfuQTsMbg4Jtygc7dmnq) was deprecated. The RLY Network Association has redeployed a new canonical RLY Token on Solana and has begun migration of all supported functionality to this new token (sRLY3migNrkC1HLgqotpvi66qGkdNedqPZ9TJpAQhyh)

sRLY token address: sRLY3migNrkC1HLgqotpvi66qGkdNedqPZ9TJpAQhyh

Deprecated token: RLYv2ubRMDLcGG2UyvPmnPmkfuQTsMbg4Jtygc7dmnq

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