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Bootstrap phase


In the bootstrap phase, new applications will be rewarded up to a total of 1,000,000 RLY for the completion of the milestones. Once all milestones are complete the application will graduate to the mature phase of the rewards program. The milestones are as follows:
  • Launching an application token bonded to RLY
  • Total wallets with a balance of app token and RLY
  • Total locked RLY


Currently only 1st & 2nd party applications and applications partnered with SuperLayer are eligible. In the future, 3rd party applications will be able to apply to the program.

Reward amounts

RLY Rewards
Launch app token
270,000 RLY
User/wallets with a non-zero balance
175 users/wallets
180,000 RLY
User/wallets with a non-zero balance
350 users/wallets
90,000 RLY
User/wallets with a non-zero balance
700 users/wallets
90,000 RLY
Locked RLY
175,000 RLY
190,000 RLY
Locked RLY
350,000 RLY
90,000 RLY
Locked RLY
700,000 RLY
90,000 RLY


The full design can be found here