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Step 3: Swap Tokens

Learn how to swap between your app token and sRLY. This will be the main method your users will use obtain your app token through the token swap.

Swapping Tokens

Step 3.1: Swap tokens

Enter the two tokens to swap from / to and enter the amount.
Usage: rly-cli tbc-swap [options] <swap> <token_a> <token_b> <amount>
swap swap
token_a token A
token_b token B
amount amount of token a to swap
-e, --env <string> Solana cluster env name (default: "devnet")
-k, --keypair <path> Solana wallet location (default: "--keypair not provided")
-h, --help display help for command
// token bonding curve
import { Provider } from "@project-serum/anchor"
import { Keypair, Connection, clusterApiUrl } from 'solana/web3js`;
import { tokenSwapProgram } from 'rly-js';
const walletKeyPair = Keypair.generate();
const provider = new Provider(new Connection(clusterApiUrl("devnet")), new NodeWallet(walletKeyPair), {});
const tokenSwap = await tokenSwapProgram(provider);
Usetbc-swap-estimate to see estimate outputs.

That's it!

In this section you should have:
  • Swapped between two tokens in both directions
  • Verified balance changes in both token swap token accounts
  • Verified balance changes in the user token accounts