Step 2: Initialize Token Bonding Curve (TBC)

Learn how to configure and initialize the TBC that defines the supply and price of your token.

TBC Resources

Initialize the TBC

Step 2.1: Initialize the TBC

Configure your TBC parameters. View the TBC Guide and Examples pages for help.

Usage: rly-cli tbc-init [options] <token_a> <token_b> <token_b_liquidity>

  token_a                              token A
  token_b                              token B
  token_b_liquidity                    token B liquidity (base units)

  -e, --env <string>                   Solana cluster env name (default: "devnet")
  -k, --keypair <path>                 Solana wallet location (default: "--keypair not provided")
  --slope_numerator <string>           slope numerator
  --slope_denominator <string>         slope denominator
  --init_price_a_numerator <string>    initial price token A
  --init_price_a_denominator <string>  initial price token A
  -h, --help                           display help for command

The keypair used above is required to be the same keypair that owns the initial minted app token in Step 1 because that's where the liquidity is coming from.

Token A is the sRLY token on production environments. On non production environments, token A can be any SPL token. It is recommended that you create an SPL token that has similar properties as sRLY. Token B is your application token from Step 1.

Step 2.2: Supply application tokens to the TBC swap (Automatic)

Once the TBC is configured and initialized, two token accounts will automatically be created in the swap program:

  1. A token account for token A (sRLY on prod, any SPL token on devnet)

  2. A token account for your application token (token B)

Once created, the initial token B supply amount will be transferred from the authorized wallet to the token B account owned by the swap program.

The new bonding curve should start out with only the newly minted token B in the swap. As users buy against the curve, the collateral in sRLY builds.

Note: Pool tokens and deposits/withdrawals of pool tokens are intentionally disabled so that liquidity can't be added/removed from the swap outside of the swap instruction.

That's it!

In this section you should have:

  • Initialized a TBC based on your parameters

  • Verified the token account for your app token owned by the swap program

  • Verified the token account for sRLY owned by the swap program

  • Verified the transfer and balance of the initial supply of application token to app token account

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