TBCs on Solana

What are the benefits of using a Token Bonding Curve?

  • Immediate liquidity and price discovery - Applications have the choice to use RLY along with their application token to benefit from instant liquidity and price discovery

  • Token ownership - Applications determine token parameters such as token supply, bonding curve, and more

  • Token economy ownership - Applications determine app-level monetization strategies, economic design, reward distribution, and more

  • Receive RLY rewards - By building on top of RLY Protocol, applications are eligible to receive continued rewards from the community treasury

  • Developer support - App builders have direct access to the developers responsible for maintaining RLY Protocol, in addition to other application developers building on RLY Protocol

  • Open-sourced and permissionless software suite Ability to choose between multiple blockchains that fit your application’s needs

  • Feeless

What is the goal of the Rally TBC?

The goal of RLY Protocol is to enable developers to seamlessly create tokenized economies for their applications. With RLY Protocol, developers can elect to distribute ownership and financial rewards, creating incentive alignment with their communities. Applications can leverage tokens in a variety of ways, including: to kickstart or reward a community’s engagement, to establish loyalty with rewards, or to facilitate community-led governance.

Who is TBC for?

RLY Protocol is for web2 and web3 developers who want to create new tokenized economies for their applications, and for developers who want to tokenize their app’s existing digital economy and bring it on-chain.

What can you do with RLY Protocol?

RLY protocol enables developers to create and launch tokens on supported blockchains, initialize token bonding curves, and swap between RLY and their application’s token(s).

Why RLY Protocol?

RLY Protocol takes the guess-work out of building tokenized economies, providing developers with a seamless experience and benefits from powerful network effects fostered by RLY Network. Developers can quickly launch tokens, access liquidity and price discovery, and seek new forms of monetization for their app.

Who maintains RLY Protocol?

RLY Protocol is managed by RLY Network Association, a Swiss-based non profit that supports the growth and development of RLY Protocol and RLY Network. Across RLY Network, a wide range of consumer apps are using RLY Protocol. RLY Network Association is backed by a16z, Coinbase Ventures, Battery Ventures, Altos Ventures, Canaan Ventures, and more.

What is RLY Network?

A growing ecosystem of tokenized consumer apps, all powered by RLY Protocol. Learn more at rly.network.

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