What is the difference between token A and token B?

Token A is sRLY and token B is the app token.

What is the address for sRLY?


What is the difference between a swap or direct transfer of sRLY to the curve?

The only difference between a swap and a direct transfer of sRLY is whether the curve returns any of the token B out. Direct transfers of sRLY do not return any token B. Swaps of sRLY do return token B.

What causes the spot prices to move?

Generally changes in the spot price are due to changes in the amount of token A sRLY in the curve.

For sRLY Direct transfer of sRLY to the curve and swapping sRLY for token B cause cause the spot price to move up.

For token B Swapping token B for sRLY will move the spot price down. Transferring token B to the curve will not affect the spot price.

Do I need to use sRLY on non-production environments for token A?

On non production environments, token A can be any SPL token. It is recommended that you create an SPL token that has similar properties as sRLY.

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