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What is RLY Protocol?

RLY Protocol is a permissionless, open source, multi-chain, no-fee software suite that consists of on-chain smart contracts and off-chain libraries that provide the necessary tools for developers to easily launch token economies in just a few steps. RLY Protocol is currently available for Solana and aims to be multichain in the near future.

Who is the RLY Network Association?

The RLY Network Association is a Switzerland based non-profit organization with a purpose drive growth and adoption to the RLY Ecosystem. The Association's responsibilities are as follows:
  • Maintain and develop the RLY Network's core blockchain technology
  • Provide technical and economic infrastructure to enable consumer friendly, trust minimized, decentralized communities and applications
  • Oversee the RLY community treasury and ensure ample network liquidity
  • Drive expansion and adoption of the RLY protocol via licensing, grants, and network rewards
  • Seek innovation and investment opportunities for RLY
Find out more about the RLY Network Association in our wiki

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