RLY Token

The Rally Network Utility Token - RLY


The RLY token is an ERC-20 native token that powers the RLY Network. RLY is multi-chain and can also be obtained on other blockchains through official bridges and canonical swaps.

RLY is used by consumer applications to enable a token economy that increases community growth, engagement, and loyalty.

RLY Network is an ecosystem of consumer apps powered by RLY Protocol, a token-enabled software suite for developers that facilitates token launching, instant pricing, immediate liquidity, and the opportunity to earn RLY Rewards.

RLY Protocol is managed by the RLY Network Association, a Swiss-based non-profit.

Token Details

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/rally/ CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/rally

RLY on Ethereum:

ERC20 Address: 0xf1f955016ecbcd7321c7266bccfb96c68ea5e49b https://etherscan.io/address/0xf1f955016ecbcd7321c7266bccfb96c68ea5e49b Swap: Uniswap, Other Options and Guide View in your Wallet: Guide

RLY on Solana (sRLY):

SPL Token Address: sRLY3migNrkC1HLgqotpvi66qGkdNedqPZ9TJpAQhyh https://solscan.io/token/sRLY3migNrkC1HLgqotpvi66qGkdNedqPZ9TJpAQhyh Swap: Orca, Other Options and Guide

Wormhole Address: 6Y7LNYkHiJHSH8zR2HvZQzXD3QA9yFw64tyMHxBxDRe4 RLYv2 or Wormhole (bridged RLY) --> sRLY3: https://migration.rly.network/

RLY on "Forte" Sidechain (Rally.io RLY):

Where to find Rally.io Sidechain RLY: Rally.io Bridging between Ethereum Mainnet and Rally.io Sidechain: Bridge In | Bridge Out

RLY on Other Chains:

RLY can also be bridged to other chains to support apps not found on the previously mentioned chains. An example would be the Flow blockchain, on which Joyride games are built. Flow ERC20 contract: https://flowscan.org/contract/A.231cc0dbbcffc4b7.RLY

RLY on Polygon is in development, and will likely release under the name "RLY(PoS)".

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