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Introduction to the RLY Network Association ("RNA")

RLY Ecosystem Overview

The RLY Ecosystem is comprised of the RLY Network Association, applications built on top of RLY protocols, RLY Ecosystem DAO, and partners that aim to drive growth and adoption to the ecosystem. The RLY Ecosystem was set up in August 2021 with a RLY Network Decentralization vote. Read more about the vote here and the discussion around the decentralized proposal here.

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RLY Network Association

The RLY Network Association is a Switzerland based non-profit organization with a purpose drive growth and adoption to the RLY Ecosystem. The Association's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Maintain and develop the RLY Network's core blockchain technology

  • Provide technical and economic infrastructure to enable consumer friendly, trust minimized, decentralized communities and applications

  • Oversee the RLY community treasury and ensure ample network liquidity

  • Drive expansion and adoption of the RLY protocol via licensing, grants, and network rewards

  • Seek innovation and investment opportunities for RLY


The Board of the Association is made up of a team of experienced executives equipped to make decisions in line with the non-profit mission of the Association, and keeping with the goals to maintain the best interests of the whole of the RLY ecosystem.

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