Guide: Earn as a liquidity pool provider, and earn additional RLY by staking your LP tokens from those pools.

Liquidity Staking is for advanced users. We highly recommend a base knowledge of Ethereum transactions, as well a base understanding of crypto economics with which to make an informed decision when considering providing liquidity.

Ethereum Liquidity Pools

  1. Uniswap

    1. RLY/ETH (50/50)

Deposit RLY into a Liquidity Pool and Earn Rewards

The RLY liquidity reward program rewards RLY token holders who provide liquidity to specific Uniswap and Balancer liquidity pools. 350M RLY from the community token allocation have been earmarked for distribution as liquidity pool (LP) rewards! To participate, provide liquidity to any of the Balancer or Uniswap pools noted above and then visit to deposit your LP tokens and begin earning RLY rewards.

In simpler terms, you can deposit your RLY holdings into one of the liquidity pools, which will reward you with more RLY. This process is called staking. You are staking a liquid asset, in this case RLY, like you would when you put cash into a savings account. Based on the amount and length of time you stake, your stake will yield rewards in the form of more RLY tokens. You can then move these rewards, or harvest, to your Ethereum wallet and come back to this doc for all the things you can do with your RLY holdings!

Order of Operations

  1. Click the square w/ arrow icon next to the liquidity pool tokens you want to stake. This will take you to the corresponding liquidity pool page for that liquidity pool token pair

  1. Add liquidity to the selected liquidity pool. See examples processes below.

  2. Return to and select where you want to stake your liquidity pool tokens. You should now see a Balance you can deposit into that liquidity pool.

  3. Click Approve to approve your wallet to connect with that liquidity pool.

  4. Complete the deposit.

Adding Liquidity to the Uniswap Pool

Here is an in-depth guide on staking your RLY into the Uniswap RLY liquidity pool. You will need ETH in addition to RLY to deposit into this particular liquidity pool.

Adding Liquidity to the Balancer Pools

There are multiple Balancer pool options available on You can add liquidity into these pools using multiple assets (eg, $WETH + RLY) or just a single asset (eg, RLY only).

  1. From, click the square w/ arrow icon to go to a specific Balancer pool.

  2. Connect your wallet on the Balancer pool page.

  3. Click Add Liquidity.

  4. Select Multi Asset or Single Asset. (You may need to approve the use of your tokens from your Ethereum wallet in this step.)

  5. Enter the amount(s) you want to deposit and then click Add Liquidity.

After the processing completes, go to to stake your pool balance into the appropriate liquidity pool.

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